Le Ha Ha - Three Hilarious French Comedies

by Administrator 29. November 2011 02:49

One of the best ways to warm up to another culture is by watching their comedies. If you think Jerry Lewis is the only thing the French know about being funny, and Amelie was a fluke, read on. Here are three other diverse, hilarious French films.

1. Apres Vous (2003) Daniel Auteuil is one of the finest comedic actors of all time. He possesses a willingness to completely inhabit the character; those chameleon-like qualities help make the difference between a good film and a great one. In Apres Vous (After You) he plays a headwaiter (Antoine) who stumbles upon a lovesick man (Jose Garcia as "Louis") trying to end it all. After saving his life, and concerned for the safety of the lovesick man, Antoine takes Louis in and soon discovers that no good deed goes unpunished. He intercepts a suicide note Louis mailed to his grandparents, gets the nervous Louis a job in his upscale restaurant, and tries to help him reconcile with his girlfriend, all the while destroying his own life.

2. Tatie Danielle (1990) Tsilla Chelton plays the title character in this black comedy. After her husband dies, this miserable widow finds her only amusement by making the lives of those close to her a living hell, and you'll find that you're rooting for her in spite of yourself. After watching this movie you'll never look at a little old lady the same way again.

3. The Valet (Le Doublure) (2006) After rich businessman Pierre (Daniel Auteuil) is photographed on a Parisian sidewalk next to his supermodel mistress Elena (the lovely Alice Taglioni) he hatches a plot to convince his wife (Kristin Scott Thomas) that she must be the girlfriend of the other man in the shot, lowly valet Francois (Gad Elmaleh). Pierre pays Francois to date his mistress, and bribes the mistress to go along with the farce by promising to divorce his wife and marry her. Jealously spying on the valet and the supermodel, Auteuil throws a fit and has one of the funniest lines in the movie (It takes real guts to kiss a guy like that).

Those examples are just three of the reasons I love French movies, especially the comedies.

For more information on French cinema go to I Love French Movies,where you'll find information on some of the best action, comedies, and dramas that the French have to offer, as well as a few American movies that were filmed in France. (C) Will Atkinson


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