Hilarious Pick Up Lines That Make Women Piss Themselves Laughing

by Administrator 29. November 2011 02:59

Striking up a conversation with a beautiful woman is often nerve-wracking. She's surrounded by her friends and you have to figure out the best way to approach her.

Sadly, you opt to follow the guidance of your buddies and utilize one of the hilarious pick up lines they suggest.

And right after you say these words, she storms away from you in disgust.

You know you blew your chances with her because you used such a phony technique.

The hitch with using hilarious pick up lines is that they never actually work to get a woman's affections. There are, however, more genuine methods that will achieve much better results.

Try coming up with original ways of initiating a conversation with a woman. If you're still struggling to come up with the right thing to say, you should consider using one of these techniques:

1) Situational conversation starter-

If you happen to witness something unusual or funny, you can use it as an opportunity to strike up a conversation with a woman who also saw the occurrence. The beauty of this method is that you are taking advantage of the unique environment that you're in. As long as there is something of interest going on in your surroundings, you'll have something of interest to talk about. By making a witty remark or cracking a joke based on what you saw, you'll not only appease any awkwardness about the situation, but you'll be showing her that you have a positive attitude, too.

2) Just act normally-

Approaching a woman and introducing yourself is a surprisingly effective way to strike up a dialogue. Your confidence and the fact that you avoid gimmicks will seem refreshing to her, and it will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. You'll impress her when you use this straightforward and genuine approach.

3) Be Funny

Every woman is attracted to a man with a great sense of humor. The ultimate objective when using this method is to carry your self in a slightly arrogant manner while attempting to amuse her.

Use every opportunity to tease her and build yourself up to be a prize she should attempt to earn. This technique is successful because you're not being obnoxious about the fact that you're trying to pick her up.

Hilarious pick up lines might make her laugh, but they're unlikely to win her over. Next time you decide to go up to an attractive woman, try utilizing one of the above techniques. You'll be surprised at how much more effective they are than hilarious pick up lines.


Fifty Comedy Shows That Are Hilarious!

by Administrator 29. November 2011 02:50

I have to say that laughing can make the country go round. Me, myself I enjoy to have a good laugh and I enjoy to make other people laugh. That is why I idea that currently I would share with you some of my favored motion pictures. The movie shows that I am likely to encourage to you right here are versions that have built me severely laugh, I mean can't breathe laughing right here everyday people. I am sick of these dvds that have been coming out lately that display each scene that will make you snigger in the movie and the rest of the movie is filled with b line jokes that will barely make you smile. I have been too disappointed these days on the shows that I idea had been likely to be amazing that ended up fully disappointing me in the end. I have noticed a quite a bit of motion pictures so I considered that I would attempt and conserve some of you out there who are wanting for a snort, some movie channels that will be guaranteed to crack your sh*t up! Alright, so here goes:

one. The Hangover

two. Tommy Child

three. Billy Madison

4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

five. The Products "Live Absolutely free, Market Hard"

6. Huge Daddy

seven. LIAR LIAR

8. Old University 

9. Nationwide Lampoons Christmas Trip & Vegas Getaway

ten. Super Troopers 11. Robin Hood: Males in Tights

twelve. What About Bob

thirteen. Taladega Evenings

14. 40 Yr Older Virgin

fifteen. Workplace Place

16. The Heartbreak Child (This one's for the gals)

17. Residence Bunny (some other one's for the women)

18. Superbad

nineteen. Terrible Santa

20. Napoleon Dynamite

twenty one. The Sweetest Matter (An additional for the Gals)

22. Dodgeball

twenty three. Blissful Gilmore

twenty four. The Very hot Chick

twenty five. Wedding Crashers

26. The New Man

27. Meet the Father and mother

28. White Chicks

29. American Pie

30. Knocked Up

31. Obtaining Nemo

32. Saved

33. Shallow Hal

34. Zoolander

35. Very little to Get rid of

36. Famous person

37. Van Wilder

38. Waiting around

39. Jeff Dunham - Spark of Insanity DVD

40. Wet Scorching American The summer months

forty one. Wayne's Environment

forty two. Dazed and Bewildered

forty three. Harold and Kumar Go to White Citadel

forty four. The Enormous Lebowski

forty five. There's Some thing About Mary

46. Anchorman

forty seven. The Proposal (This movie channels is not hilarious as a whole, but there is just one scene that is just HILARIOUS! All I will say is that Sandra bullock and Ryan Reynolds have accidental naked collision will CRACK YOU UP!)

forty eight. Bruno (Warning, there is a great deal of Gay humor in this single so if you can't manage individuals sort of jokes, this single is not for you. If only my boyfriend had that warning ahead of we watched the film.

forty nine. The Unsightly Truth (An alternate Chick Flick)

50. Stranger than Fiction

Now I know there are A Ton a whole lot more hilarious movie channels floating around in the marketplace at present that aren't on this list, but these are all the ones I could imagine of for the second. Please really feel cost-free to add the motion pictures I missed in the feedback segment if you would like. These are just some of my most loved amusing movie downloads. These are not in any sort of buy, they are just listed in the purchase I remembered them in. I hope you appreciate them and they give you a honestly superior arduous snigger:).


Le Ha Ha - Three Hilarious French Comedies

by Administrator 29. November 2011 02:49

One of the best ways to warm up to another culture is by watching their comedies. If you think Jerry Lewis is the only thing the French know about being funny, and Amelie was a fluke, read on. Here are three other diverse, hilarious French films.

1. Apres Vous (2003) Daniel Auteuil is one of the finest comedic actors of all time. He possesses a willingness to completely inhabit the character; those chameleon-like qualities help make the difference between a good film and a great one. In Apres Vous (After You) he plays a headwaiter (Antoine) who stumbles upon a lovesick man (Jose Garcia as "Louis") trying to end it all. After saving his life, and concerned for the safety of the lovesick man, Antoine takes Louis in and soon discovers that no good deed goes unpunished. He intercepts a suicide note Louis mailed to his grandparents, gets the nervous Louis a job in his upscale restaurant, and tries to help him reconcile with his girlfriend, all the while destroying his own life.

2. Tatie Danielle (1990) Tsilla Chelton plays the title character in this black comedy. After her husband dies, this miserable widow finds her only amusement by making the lives of those close to her a living hell, and you'll find that you're rooting for her in spite of yourself. After watching this movie you'll never look at a little old lady the same way again.

3. The Valet (Le Doublure) (2006) After rich businessman Pierre (Daniel Auteuil) is photographed on a Parisian sidewalk next to his supermodel mistress Elena (the lovely Alice Taglioni) he hatches a plot to convince his wife (Kristin Scott Thomas) that she must be the girlfriend of the other man in the shot, lowly valet Francois (Gad Elmaleh). Pierre pays Francois to date his mistress, and bribes the mistress to go along with the farce by promising to divorce his wife and marry her. Jealously spying on the valet and the supermodel, Auteuil throws a fit and has one of the funniest lines in the movie (It takes real guts to kiss a guy like that).

Those examples are just three of the reasons I love French movies, especially the comedies.

For more information on French cinema go to I Love French Movies,where you'll find information on some of the best action, comedies, and dramas that the French have to offer, as well as a few American movies that were filmed in France. (C) Will Atkinson


Hilarious Halloween Costume Ideas

by Administrator 29. November 2011 02:46

At this point, you are perhaps already thinking of a possible funny costume you can wear to a Halloween party you intend to attend. Some would just settle for the cliche type costumes like Superman, Batman and Cat Woman.

Meanwhile, some really want to think of hilarious Halloween costume ideas that can help them stand out. Costumes are important in this kind of party, and it is understandable why many prepare for this ahead of time.

If you are already tired of the conventional characters you see each year at Halloween parties, you can always think of something that is not normally seen. Or if you plainly want to break the ice at the party you are going to attend, you can try wearing funny costumes that would leave everyone laughing out loud when they see you.

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It might take a lot of courage to execute hilarious Halloween costume ideas, but it will be rewarding in the end. Instead of attending the party in a character of a mummy or zombie, try going there with you in a Barney costume. Now, that is really funny. You can also emulate the gestures of the character to entertain the guests.

Halloween parties should never be too monotonous and dull. Bring something new each year by trying never worn before costumes. However, make sure that you will appear funny rather than silly. Do not force yourself if one funny character does not really fit your personality. Instead of making the other guests to laugh, they might just get annoyed. So think carefully before implementing your plan.


Hilarious Pickup Lines - Is Humor the Magic Ingredient?

by Administrator 29. November 2011 02:43

Many people, especially guys want to know hilarious pickup lines that impress women. But the fact of the matter is, guys have been using such lines for years. It's not that hilarious pickup lines doesnt work, its just that how you say it is more important that what the line is. So what I'm getting at is that delivery of the line is more important than it's content. In interactions with women, what you say is secondary to how you say it. If you want to learn about effective delivery of hilarious pickup lines, read this article carefully.

Click here for super hilarious pickup lines and how to use them.

There are a lot of pickup lines available that are commonly used. A quick search on any search engine will reveal hundreds of such results. But the fact of the matter is that if you use them on a women, you will more oftten than not come across as a fool. 

Visit this site to learn all about hilarious pickup lines.

This is why many pickup gurus lately advise against using hilarious pickup lines. Instead, they suggest you to use on-the-spot things that you come up with right there and then. This way you can ensure that the conversation is more natural and flows better. 

Another weakness of using pickup lines is that if the girl rejects you, you will then blame the rejection on the pickup line and not see what was wrong in your approach. In this way the pickup line becomes more of a crutch than a help.

In this article we saw the effects, benefits and disadvantages of using hilarious pickup lines. We saw how they are useful if you have nothing to say to a woman, but we also saw how they can become a holdback and slow down your progress with woman. The bottomline is that whatever you do, do it with congruence and you will be fine. As long as you are true to who you really are, nothing can stop you.


Why Should You Watch Hilarious Videos?

by Administrator 29. November 2011 02:40

It's not everyday that you get to laugh so hard. If you are someone who is often stressed with work or stressed with life in general, you can always take a break and have a breather. watching a hilarious video can be a fantastic way to wind down from a stressful day. What more, these sites are often open for public and would not cost a fee for you to get in. 

Relax and unwind 
If your desire is to sit back and relax, you have the choice of watching funny videos.hilarious videos is a fabulousway to do it! Everyone knows that laughter can cure whatever ails you. You should try to get online and surf for funny videos if you need to relax after feeling stressed, down or tired. You can also spend some quality time with yourself while watching these videos. 

{You can also have more fun if you get to share hilarious videos.|If you get to show others your hilarious videos you will really enjoy yourself. You can invite some of your friends and let them watch funny videos with you. It is really nice to have someone to share some good laughs with. You can also share funny videos to your friends by e-mailing it to them or simply send them a link to the video.

Would not take too much of your time 
Unlike watching a funny movie, it is better to watch funny videos instead. You're probably asking "what's the reason for this?" Because you do not need to spend hours watching. Funny videos would just take a few minutes of your time and you can have a good laugh already. And you do not have to go to the local malls and spend more time just to have a funny entertainment. You can relax at home by watching hilarious videos online for free. 

There are a large variety of websites that offer many, many funny videos for you to watch. Whether you want celebrity hilarious videos or live footage uploaded on the internet, you can find anything.
most websites would file their videos under several categories Some categories that always have funny videos include celebrities, animals and politics. Your tastes can be ever-changing and this collection has a wide range of videos to meet whatever you are desiring to see at that time. 
What makes these sites really fun is that new uploads are being added all the time. You are assured to get fresh hilarious videos that you can watch. 
Were you ever unable to tell a story during a conversation? Sharing what you've seen on funny websites can be a fantastic icebreaker in any conversation. 

Websites for entertainment and amusements are open for contributions from people who are willing to post their own videos. If you have some funny videos yourself or you get to capture some funny things on your home video camera, you can share them online. Your friends will enjoy your crazy antics online and so will you!

If you find yourself needing a good chuckle, you can view humorous online videos that are always available


Top Hilarious Pranks That Always Work!

by Administrator 29. November 2011 02:24

Hilarious Pranks Idea #1

This prank can be done on your friends by taping the phone to the receiver. Then, use your own cell phone to call your friends' telephone. Watch him as he tries to take the phone off the receiver and it will surely be one of the funniest hilarious pranks you can do. 

Hilarious Pranks Idea #2

Another great idea for hilarious pranks can be done on your friends too. If you are working with a friend on a project, ask them to let you print their assignment. Before you actually do the printing, replace some of the words in the assignment with silly ones. You can watch in astonishment as the professor and your classmates read the report aloud in class and it will surely be one that everyone won't soon forget. However, do take note to do this only to your closest friends so you can all have fun later! 

Hilarious Pranks Idea #3

For another classic hilarious pranks idea, you can add some baby powder on your friend's hair dryer and then watch as they switch it on. This will cause the baby powder to cling onto their wet hair! This is a good idea for exacting revenge on your friend as they will certainly be fuming mad!

Hilarious Pranks Idea #4

Another classic hilarious pranks! Place a can of tuna or any food substance that really smell on their office or car seat. Watch and observe as they sit on it. All day long, they will keep wondering where the nasty smell is coming from without any idea that it is actually coming from their own bottom! Those who know it will surely be cracking up with no end.

Hilarious Pranks Idea #5

Friends always like to invite one another for a challenge and this is one is surely going to have everyone cracking up! Challenge them for a non-fizzy drink in a bottom's up challenge. Seems like a no-brainer? Make sure to add lots of salt to the drink before you serve them up to your friends for a chug down challenge. Watch in amusement as they try to race who gets to finish their drink first!

There are a lot of ideas for hilarious pranks that you can do to your friends or family members. There are lots of resources online for cool and unique ideas that will surely be effective. However, while it is fun and interesting, then you need to focus on harmless and clean fun that is all for the pure enjoyment of everyone. After all, even if most of you who did the prank might find it funny, the victim won't necessarily think it as funny. 


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